Dream Vacation International Voucher

The Gift of Travel - Just For You! 

Enjoy a fantastic seven-night resort vacation for a low price at some of the most popular

destinations around the world!


Ready to explore? Activate your Voucher today to begin exploring. More details of the

programme can be found here, or you may view summary projected availability here.


Please note that restrictions may apply (e.g. size, availability, duration, advance booking period).

Standard terms only permit bookings 6 months in advance.  

Step 1: Ensure that all of your accounts are up-to-date.

Step 2: Submit your voucher to travel@iexchange.co.za within 6 months of 
date of presentation.

Step 3: Your consultant will send you a statement for payment of the voucher booking fee of 

R999, which you will need to pay via credit/cheque card or EFT. Please email back confirmation 

to your consultant.

Step 4: Your consultant will then email you back your certificate number and security code.

Step 5: Activate your certificate online here, as detailed below.

Your consultant is readily available to assist you should you need further help.

Step 6: You may either make your booking straight away, or any time before the voucher expiry date. 

Once you have selected from the thousands of holidays available, click on 'book' and make the

online payment.


Standard pricing (as exchange rates fluctuate, and due to nominal increases from time to time,

the prices below serve as indications only):

  • Studio: R5,879
  • One bedroom: R7,129
  • Two bedroom: R7,669

Larger units available from time to time!


Step 7: Enjoy your holiday!

Please note that after activation, your voucher redemption will be facilitated directly between 

yourself and the 3rd party supplier - Interval International Dream Vacation Week Programme.


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