Can someone else view or transact on my account?

Yes, but only with your permission.

iExchange is committed to protecting your confidential information. As such, we prefer to liaise directly with you as the main member.

That said, we understand that you may require an alternative individual to transact on your behalf.

Should you wish to authorise a third party to handle transactions on your behalf, please follow the simple process below:

Step 1:

Download the Authority to Transact form found below. Bear in mind that individual forms need to be completed, should you want to authorise multiple persons to transact on your account.

Step 2:

Complete the form, taking care to indicate which transactions in particular you are allowing the third party to be able to do on your behalf. If there is more than one owner or member, both must sign the form.

Step 3:

Print and scan the form, and email it back to or call the call centre for assistance.

Provided the document received is in order, please allow 2 to 3 working days for the Authority to Transact form to be processed. You will receive acknowledgement once the document has been processed.

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