Does iExchange offer mobility impaired units?

iExchange endeavours to partner with resorts that accommodate guests who require mobility assistance. For a

list of resorts within South Africa containing units suitable for the mobility impaired, click here.

For up-to-date information on physical accessibility at any other resort you’re looking to exchange into, we recommend you contact the resort directly before you make your Booking.

What levels of accessibility are available?

We have three types of units as follows:

Type A - Wheelchair Accessible

The unit can be accessed from the parking area and in case there are stairs, the resort can offer a ramp. A wheelchair can get through the front door of the unit. However, movement within the unit is restricted.

Type B - Wheelchair Friendly

The guest can move around the unit and access bathrooms/showers and toilets. However, there are no grab rails etc. in bathroom/showers.

Type C - Fully Impaired Mobility Friendly

The unit has rails and grab handles for additional mobility by the wheelchair-bound guest. It also has extended toilet/basin handles and flush showers in the bathroom, as well as lowered kitchen units.

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