How do I bank my week?

Step 1: Login to the Magic Breakaways website here, using your membership number and password. 

Step 2: Select “MY INFO” and then “MY OWNERSHIP”. 

Step 3: Select "ADD A WEEK” and input your ownership details.

Important reminders when selecting your week:

  • Ensure the week number and dates are relevant to your resort calendar and your ownership.

  • If you own a flexi week, ensure your week is set with your managing agent before requesting your quote, as upcoming dates are required for an accurate quote.

Fixed Week

Flexi Week

Step 4: At this point you will need to select “continue” and you will be quoted what your week is worth. You may Calculate Again to rectify any errors, or select “continue” again if you would like to proceed with loading your week to Magic Breakaways Exchange.

Step 5: Select "Bank Now" to bank your timeshare week to Magic Breakaways Exchange. 

The status will then be updated to "Banking in Progress".

Please allow between 24-48 working hours for the validation process to be completed. 

Once your week is accepted, you will receive notification confirming the finalisation of the banking. 

Should no email be received after this time frame, kindly contact the call centre on 0861 439 242 for further information.


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